Dice Master

Keen of board games, wargames, or RPGs, Dice Master app is for you.

No need to know while dice to take, no more risk to forget to take your dice, Dice Master allows you to create dice with almost infinite faces with any number or text and to gather them into bags according to your needs.

Become the master of the dice by always having your dice with you with Dice Master.

Dice Master is an accessible application, compatible with Voice Over.


  • selection and launch of the die
  • creation, modification and deletion of dice
  • creation, modification, and deletion selection of dice bags
  • Accessibility with Voice Over Support

Currently available languages

  • French
  • English

Available on :

Download on the App Store

Screenshots for the iPhone version

Dice Master for iPhone (English)

Screenshots for the iPad version

Dice Master for iPad (English)